• Mon Aug 23 2004: Pictures and Stories of the expedition are online!
  • Tue Jun 22 2004: Pete wrote a little review for the Robson Charger
  • Mon May 17 2004: We are very excited about some new stuff we got. The Robson Charger and paddles arrived. Check back soon as we will post a first review about the paddles and the Charger once we took them Creeking this weekend. The paddles are the very hot Chilli, a Pogo break down, two C1 Rodeo break downs and two C1 Rodeos. The C1 Rodeos aver very light. My paddle showed 520g on my own scale. This is the lightest paddle I tried so far and I tried a few paddles.
  • Wed Apr 02 2004: Robson joined the expedition as a sponsor! Robson will provide their brand new creeker, the Charger and Kayak and Canoe paddles - thanks Robson.
  • Wed Mar 03 2004: Kokatat joined the expedition as a sponsor! Kokatat will provide pretty much everything we will wear - thanks Kokatat.
  • Mon Feb 09 2004: Bell Canoe Works joined the expedition as a sponsor! Special thanks go to John Woodruff, Craig Johnson (both of Bell Canoe Works) and Jörg Wagner (of Wooden Boat) for their support.
  • Sun Jan 18 2004: Smoky River 2004: Over the Divide! expedition site went online.