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Tips for Paddling Class V Whitewater in an Open Canoe

...and for other boats as well!

by Sammer Elias

with contributions by Jan Dettmer

Fellow open boaters, yes, we all know that we are a niche within the whitewater paddling world. However, small as that niche maybe, it has been a strong presence in the history of the sport, and continues to be. And within our little realm of whitewater canoeing, we want to progress just as much as the next guy. For many of us who are paddling class three, or four, and are looking to make the next step up, I would like to share with you the advanced techniques and concepts that can really make a difference. These were the major crossover skills that brought me to paddling class IV+ and selective class V successfully and relatively comfortably. Here are my tips for training for, and paddling advanced whitewater in an open canoe, and quite beneficial for all types of boaters as well! (In order of training steps, not in order of importance.)

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