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"Tried and True" Outfitting for Extreme Whitewater Canoeing: Introduction

by Sammer Elias

Tried and True Outfitting for Extreme Whitewater Canoeing" includes written guidelines, illustrations, diagrams, and photos. I have been working on this package for quite a while now, which is based on some years of research, testing, problem solving, outside guidance, and personal experience. I think the initial drive came from all the confusion one could find in the world of whitewater canoeing, which included: bad outfitting practices, good outfitting practices, bad info being passed on, sloppy outfitting systems, great ideas, quirky ideas, dangerous set-ups, general lack of consistency, and the surprising absence of any real existing guidelines or diagrams.

Sammer hucking the
      Detonator; click to enlarge I just wanted to know what works and what doesn't, what makes sense and what doesn't. And since I worked so hard to figure most of it out, I thought that I should share it with everyone else, and possibly produce the first set , that I know of, of OC1 outfitting guidelines and diagrams. I am very confident and sure in the ideas and guidelines I have produced. What I wasn't sure about, I didn't include. I believe that these are the best methods for outfitting. I utilized some existing methods, and I developed some better ones. I've done a lot of changing and modifying in my own canoes over time as part of the research and testing. The canoe I paddle now is outfitted according to these guidelines and systems, and I continue to be extremely impressed and completely pleased. It works, it makes sense, and it has given me much more control, responsiveness, security, and performance than I had ever experienced in any other outfitting.

If, or when, you utilize part or all of these guidelines and systems to outfit your OC1, please give me your thoughts. The most reward I could get from producing this, is knowing that other people benefited from it.

Be sure to take a look at the photos for a better understanding of the whole set-up. Let me know if you have any questions, email Sammer

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