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Minnesota II

by Frank Moerke, ACA Flatwater Instructor


The Minnesota II is a pretty fast 18'6'' cruiser by We no nah. With a maximum width of 35'' (waterline: 32 1/2'') at a total of 18'6'', the MN II is a sleek hull compared to other touring canoes. The overall design is kept very low, having a center depth of 12 1/2''. This rises to a 20' in the bow and 16'' stern height. Depending on the method of construction the MN II has a weight between 39 66 lb. Minnesota II


Definitely, the MN II is no allround canoe, handling any kind of situation. He feels at home on lakes of any size and major rivers without technical white water. The shallow arch gives enough initial stability with hard to beat end-stability. Even if you lean the gunnels to waterlevel the boat lies stable on the water. The before mentioned low profile makes the MN II very efficient in high winds, where the high bow ensures a dry run through the waves. If it comes to paddling positions the MN II seems to be a marathon racer since the gunnels are very close to the body in the stern position. This is a sports car! Get in and feel at home, you don't want to get out of this boat. For sure the MN II is one of the fastest Cruisers you can buy that has still capacity for the gear of a longer trip. He eats up miles at an astonishing speed. You will find yourself paddling 6 or 7 miles in an hour or so without pushing yourself to the limit. Despite the straight keeleline this boat is turning pretty well when heeled. If you are searching for a cruiser and don't want to run serious white water or small creeks with sharp turns, the MN II makes an ideal canoe. Minnesota II


The boat can be obtained in Tuf-weave, Kevlar and Graphite. The Kevlar comes with aith a flexible cor, or vacuum cured with a very stiff foam-core. Graphite is only available vacuum cured. The ultra light foam-core solutions seem to best fit the MN II's abilities. This construction makes the boat very stiff; therefore adding a good deal of performance. The canoe can be ordered with bucket seats or cane seats, aluminum trim or wood trim, with foot braces or without. It's up to you.


The MN II is eaqually at home on lakes, channels and bigger rivers without whitewater. The great speed eats up the miles like they were nothing and the low design with the flared bow makes it easy to handle wind and waves. It's design is very good for efficient paddling technique, at the same time allowing for a good load of equipment needed on longer trips. Like in almost every situation there are two sides of the medal: the price for the high end Kevlar-Foam-core version with wood gunnels gives your credid card a somewhat bad day...

Prices / Dealers:

Prices vary from $???.- to $???.-. Check the We no nah site for a list of dealers.

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© copyright 2001 Frank Moerke, translated by Jan Dettmer