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Harriet "Heinz" Götze

Harriet on the Ems HARRIET GÖTZE
American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer
59302 OELDE
Tel.: (0160) 97212260

Kanadierkurse mit Harriet

My "career" with the ACA began with a course on white water for open canoes in southern France. For many trips to come in northern Scandinavia, I thought it would be useful to have these skills. Since I was a fly-fishing fanatic, on many a trip, I found myself on the banks of some lone lake or river, not able to fish the places I would like to fish, however, with a canoe this would be just a matter of a few forward stokes. So, I found myself to be in southern France, infected by the white water virus. Now, I was infected by the combination of the wilderness virus and by the white water virus; both are serious ones. When I met my good friend Jörg Wagner for the first time, the more general "if the word canoe fits the context in the least sense I'm infected"-virus infected me. In short: I live open canoe.
Since that time I stuck to the ACA and am now a white water Instructor Trainer, which allows me to teach courses for open canoe Instructors for the ACA.
My passion is wilderness tripping in the remote parts of the planet. With me, 2 month trips are just fine. If there is white water to be encuntered, the better the trip suits me. And, if there is the possibility for fishing, you will hear no more questions from my side.

Topics written by Harriet: Harriet also teaches in Open Canoes, Swift Water Rescue and guides trips!

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